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Venue: CASIS, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Kuala Lumpur Campus, Jalan Sultan Syed Putra, Malaysia

Date: 7th to 13th August 2023

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Worldview of Islam Series (WISE) Summer School

The WISE Summer School is an initiative to introduce the intellectual-spiritual tradition of Islam, particularly with the aim of equipping seekers of knowledge of all educational backgrounds and professional fields with the tools to acquire or re-acquire the worldview of Islam to engage with contemporary challenges. It is an intensive programme that articulates the true meaning of religion, knowledge, happiness, justice, man and education as understood by great Muslim luminaries, and in so-doing, strengthening the role of each individual in the Muslim Community.

The need for strengthening the Muslim collective understanding about these meanings becomes ever more crucial today due to the nature of the challenges that face the contemporary world.

We welcome students and professionals - either those international students studying in Malaysia, expatriates in Malaysia, Malaysians studying or living abroad, and the international Muslim community in general to participate in this year's programme and long-term revivification project.

Programme Structure

The WISE Summer School encompasses of 8 modules spread over 7 days 6 nights, carried forth through lectures, tutorials and site visits that will strengthen the understanding of the Worldview of Islam.

Lectures Series

Prof. Dr. Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud, a scholar who received the guidance of two great scholars, namely, Tan Sri. Dr. Muhammad Syed Naquib al-Attas (founder and former director of ISTAC) and Prof. Fazlur Rahman (University of Chicago) will lecture and outline the main ideas of a knowledge-culture in the Malay and Islamic World. His scheduled lecture and officiation of the program will be followed by paper presentations by various scholars who will discuss themes on the Worldview of Islam and its role in forming the understanding of knowledge-culture.

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Discussion Sessions

Together with the lectures, each module is allocated with another two hours of Discussion Sessions. The sessions are to complement the lectures, tying up some loose ends, asking questions and clarifications. Participants will be divided into groups and the discussion session will be conducted within each group under the supervision of a tutor and a tutor assistant. These discussion sessions provide an opportunity for participants to seek clarifications, present individual arguments, pose questions, raise issues for debates and share personal experiences that are judged to be pertinent to the lectures.

Reading Sessions

In order to provide ample opportunity for participants to peruse and digest the reading materials supplied to them by the lecturers, there will be reading sessions every evening. Participants are encouraged to use the designated reading room, where tutors and assistant tutors will be stationed to provide guidance and company for conversation and dialogue. A collection of authoritative reference materials relevant to the Summer School, such as encyclopaedias, anthologies and books in various languages will be placed in the reading room for the benefit of the participants.

Coffee and Conversations

There will also be an informal 30 – 40 minutes slot daily called “Coffee & Conversations” that is an optional session to provide an opportunity for participants to be involved in conversations in a relaxing atmosphere.

The conversations are on matters of relevance to the Worldview of Islam through several individuals who are intellectually committed to the Worldview of Islam and its implementation in various capacities.


The WISE Summer School excursion offers participants the chance to visit places that have direct or indirect bearing on the worldview of Islam to further reinforce what they learned during the lectures and elaborated in the discussion sessions. This second aspect of the excursion is geared towards nature. It seeks to demonstrate a proof of concept of adab towards the environment, a key concept in the Worldview of Islam.

Possible places to visit: IKIM, ISTAC, Islamic Arts Museum, Janda Baik (Permaculture Farm & Waterfall)

WISE Seminar

Input pending from Hajar


Registration will open for four (4) weeks beginning 28th May 2023 until 25th of June 2023. Registration can be made via the website. This website will process all applications and respondents will be forwarded to


28th May -

25th June 

Application is open for participants 

duration : 4 weeks 

28th May - 25th June

Letter of Acceptance or Rejection is sent

duration: immediate

28th May - 11th  June

Early Bird (allocated to first 30)

duration: 2 weeks

30th May- 25th June 

Deposit  Secure Place must be made

duration : 2 weeks 

25th June - 7th Aug 

Remaining Payment 

duration : 7 weeks 

25th June -  

7th Aug

Course Materials sent to Participants

duration : 6-Days after payment

25th June- 

7th August

Program Details sent to Participants






For local and international students, and/or, those earning less than RM3500/$770 a month

RM1000 / $440


Inclusive of:



Course Materials and Recordings


Consultation Sessions




For professionals earning more than RM3500/$770 a month and able to commit time for reading, listening to modules, & discussions

RM3000 / $880


Inclusive of:



Course Materials and Recordings


Consultation Sessions

Register by 11th June to gain Early Bird discount of 10% off!


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