Application process:

Step 1 : To submit your application for WISEss 2023, enter your personal details and answer the required questions (note: this form may take more than 30 minutes to answer, please find a suitable time to prepare and apply accordingly.

Step 2 : After the end of the Application Deadline, a letter of acceptance or rejection will be sent.

Step 3 : Payment of fees (Deposit of RM500 ($110), or full payment).

Key Dates:

Application Deadline: 16th June 2023

Payment Deadline: 7th August 2023

WISE Summer School 2023 will be held on the 7th to 14th of August 2023

Venue: CASIS, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Kuala Lumpur Campus, Jalan Sultan Syed Putra, Malaysia


Fees: RM 1,999 ($440) for students, RM 3,999 ($880) for professionals (inclusive of accommodation, food, course materials and excursions)


The WISE Summer School is an initiative to introduce the intellectual-spiritual tradition of Islam, particularly with the aim of equipping seekers of knowledge of all educational backgrounds and professional fields with the tools to acquire or re-acquire the worldview of Islam to engage with contemporary challenges. It is an intensive programme that articulates the true meaning of religion, knowledge, happiness, justice, man and education as understood by great Muslim luminaries, and in so-doing, strengthening the role of each individual in the Muslim Community.


The need for strengthening the Muslim collective understanding about these meanings becomes ever more crucial today due to the nature of the challenges that face the contemporary world.

We welcome students and professionals - either those international students studying in Malaysia, expatriates in Malaysia, Malaysians studying or living abroad, and the international Muslim community in general to participate in this year's programme and long-term revivification project.


Registration will open for four (4) weeks beginning 18th May 2023 until 16th of June 2022. Registration can be made via the website. This website will process all applications and respondents will be forwarded to

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