The Concept of Education in Islam: A Framework for an Islamic Philosophy of Education

Author: Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas
Publisher: Ta'dib International
ISBN: 97896715704049
Year: 2018
Pages: 46 
Weight: 130g

This book originally presented as a paper at the Second World Conference on Muslim Education in 1980, for the first time in contemporary Islamic thinking elaborates new and originally conceived ideas and definitions in a clear and coherent manner. Key concepts such as religion (din), man (insan), knowledge (ma'rifah andd 'ilm), wisdom (hikmah), justice ('adl), right action ('amal and adab) are discussed, elaborated and formulated into a framework for an Islamic philosophy of education. The concept of methodology of scientific research and the study of nature along the lines of Qur'anic interpretation (tafsir and ta'wil), the islamization of language s and its relation to the Muslim mind and worldview, and the diferences between tarbiyah, ta'dib and ta'lim are all discussed. This is a book of definitions relating to the essential elements in the concept of education and the educational process as envisaged in Islam. Essential reading for Muslim educators and all those interested in Islamic philosophy and the islamization of knowledge.

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