Abu al -Barakat al-Baghdadi on the Human Soul
Wan Suhaimi Wan Abdullah

ISBN: 9789671663721
Year:  2021
Language: English
Pages: 170
Weight: 340g

This study introduces and elaborates upon certain related discussions and ideas gleaned from an analysis of the psychological section of the al-Mu'tabar fi al-Hikmah by Abu al-Barakat al-Baghdadi, which deals mainly with the major philosophical problems of the human soul. Since our subject is Abu al-Barakat and his Kitab al-Nafs, considered historically to be among those major works on Islamic philosophy, therefore the approach of this study is philosophical. Since it is not a thorough analysis of Abu al-Barakat's psychology, this study will focus only on major issues concerning the nature of the human soul. It covers aspects such as the definition and existence of the human soul as well as its very nature, which includes the problem of immateriality and substantiality of the soul, its faculties as well as the soul-body relationship. All these aspects will demonstrate the reality and nature of the human soul including its psychological aspects, at least from Abu al-Barakat's point of view.

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