Thinking Framework
Muhammad Zainiy Uthman, Suleiman Mohammed Hussein Boayo, Mohd Hilmi Ramli

Publisher: RZS-CASIS
ISBN: 9789671863404
Year: 2020
Language: English, Malay
Pages: 258
Weight: 445g

This collection of articles serves as the philosophical foundation for a research project on Thinking, Attitude,and Lifestyle Framework Among the Malaysian University Students, funded by the Ministry of Higher Education in 2016-2017.

This study identifies key problems among university students concerning their understanding on knowledge, their purpose and meaning while being at the university, their attitudes towards the national and social integration, and their engagement in social media. Confusion, lack of meaning, and purpose in life resulted in low-esteem and extreme tendencies in their thought and action making them vulnerable to extremist tendencies in the name of ethnicity, race, and religion. Some are detached from social reality because they have succumbed to a sieged mentality.

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