Haji Mohd Yadman bin Sarwan

He is a Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of University Community Transformation Centre Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies (CITU), University Teknologi Mara (UiTM). He obtained his bachelor degree in civil and shariah laws from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in 1993. He then pursued his M.A on Information Management in Islamic Law at UiTM and graduated in 2003. He later continued with a Diploma Syariah and Legal Practice (DSLP) from IIUMand finished in 2005. Haji Yadman’s social involvements include:

  • Chairman, Management Board of Maahad Tahfiz Sulaimaniyyah Turki, in Malaysia (since 2013).

  • Syariah Advisor, Buminiche Sdn Bhd, for Nutrima Cellcode Product, by MARDI.

  • Chairman, Dzul Iman Quranic Lifeschool.

  • Member, Board of Trustee, Ar Rahman Economic Development Foundation.

  • Advisor, Dzul Iman Smart Khalifah Kindergarden (since 2000).

  • Assistant Zakat Collector (Amil), Lembaga Zakat Selangor (on behalf of Maahad Tahfiz Sulaimaniyyah).

  • Secretary, NGO Ground Zero (Masjid al Falah USJ 9, Maahaad Taahfiz Sulaimaniyyah).

  • Secretary, Koperasi Muslim Taqwa Soleh Berhad.

  • Secretary, Management Board for Sekolah Intergrasi KAFA, Masjid al Falah USJ 9 (since 2009).

  • Advisor, Youth and Training for Cambodian Muslim Cooperative (since 2010).

  • Former Assistant Secretary, Masjid Al Falah USJ 9 (2013-2015).

  • Former Head, Education Bureau, Masjid al Falah USJ 9 (2013-2015).

  • Former Head, Youth Bureau, Masjid al Falah USJ 9 (2009-2012).

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