Dr. Mohd Zaidi bin Ismail

He is currently the Deputy Director-General of the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM). He received his Doctorate in the field of Islamic Thought (Islamic Ontology) from the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilisation (ISTAC), in 2006. Among his other academic involvements are:

  • Member, National Bioethics Council.

  • Member, National Dakwah Main Committee

  • Member, Board of the Establishment of Studies Programmes, Institute of Islamic Science (ISI), Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM).

  • Member, Academic Supervisory Board of the Publication Projects of the Centre for Advanced Studies on Islam, Science and Civilisation (CASIS), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).


  • Existence and Quiddity in the Later Ash’arite Kalam (2017).

  • Aqal dalam Islam: Satu Tinjauan Epistemologi (Aqal in Islam: An Epistemological Outlook) (2016).

  • Islam and Higher-Order Thinking: An Overview (2014).

  • Adab dan Peradaban: Karya Pengi`tirafan untuk Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas (Adab and Civilisation: Fetschrift for Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas) (2012).

  • Kreativiti dan Imaginasi dalam Psikologi Islami: Pengamatan al-Ghazzālī, al-Baghdādī dan al-Rāzī (Creativity and Imagination in Islamic Psychology: Observations by al-Ghazzālī, alBaghdādī and al-Rāzī) (2011) (as editor).

  • Good Governance: Adab-Oriented Tadbīr in Islām (2011) (co-author).

  • Memahami Pelbagai Segi Ilmu melalui Takrifannya: Warisan Ilmiah al-Asha`irah (Undertanding Knowledge’s Multidimensions via its Descriptions: Al-Asha`irah’s Intellectual Heritage) (2008).

  • The Sources of Knowledge in al-Ghazali’s Thought: A Psychological Framework of Epistemology (2002).

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