Our Vision

To be a research and educational foundation of international repute that nurtures, enhances, and disseminates the true understanding and realization of the Worldview of Islam.

Our Mission

To create an Islamically-oriented civil society in the form of independent scholars, intellectuals, professionals, philanthropists, and general public with full sense of integrity and accountability who shall be involved in continual, constructive engagements with all stakeholders (including government) at various crucial levels.
To establish an independent academic and research body which shall:
  • Conduct serious studies on important and serious contemporary concepts, principles, policies, issues and problems guided by the Worldview of Islam in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary manner; and

  • Complement the various existing Islamic institutions.

To form a well-managed resource and research center which shall:
  • Gather quality research and reference materials; and

  • Produce quality publications.

To develop and sustain an alternative integrated Islamic education system and institutions spanning from kindergarten, primary and secondary school, college, and university-based on the main elements of the Worldview of Islam.
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