Our Objective


To conduct research and studies on the main elements of the Worldview of Islam, as well as on that worldview as an organic whole, as the basis and framework for its other aims and objectives.


To conceptualize, clarify, elaborate and define Islamic key concepts relevant to the cultural, educational, scientific and epistemological problems encountered by Muslims in the present age.


To provide an Islamic response to the intellectual and cultural challenges of the modern world, and various schools of thought, religions and ideologies.


To serve as a basic platform for the training of researchers, scholars and professionals who shall play creative roles in the restoration of Islamic civilization to its rightful place in the modern world.


To establish a network of smart partnerships with other organizations at local, regional and international levels.


To develop and establish an education curriculum that could serve the pressing need of the contemporary challenges of the muslim ummah and muslim world as a whole.


To establish a specialized library, reflecting the religious and intellectual traditions of both the Islamic and the Western civilizations.


To set up a model institutional establishment based on main elements of the Worldview of Islam.


To publish the results of research and studies conducted from time to time for dissemination in the Muslim World.


To train thought leaders who are deeply rooted in the proper Worldview of Islam.

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